Tháng Ba 21 2017


Training course

ICDL is an international standard assessment of learners’ computer skills and Information Technologies (IT). ICDL are operating and providing examinations worldwide basing on the quality management system meeting ISO 9001-2008 requirements.

Prior to the course, SOS Children’s Villages Vietnam made a brief survey as needs analysis in 4 villages including Hanoi, Hai Phong, Viet Tri and Vinh. The target group includes SOS children who are attending professional training programs, graduates who are looking for stable jobs and SOS children who are currently working. Conclusion was: it is essential that children have basic IT knowledge and computer skills, especially for Microsoft Office applications such as Word, Excel, PowerPoint to find good jobs and to promote in their careers. However, SOS children haven’t had many chances to expose and improve these skills.

Therefore, ICDL training course and examnication was organized in Hermann Gmeiner in Hanoi as a pilot from 13 to 18 March, 2017. 13 children from 4 villages passed the examinations and received their ICDL Certifiates after the couse, meeting our expectation and aims. The couse has helped our children to be prepared for better chances in their career and more confidence in job application. Coming similar courses will be extended to children in all 17 SOS Children’s Villages nationwide in July 2017.

SOS Chidren’s Villages Vietnam look forward to contributions from kind hearts so that more SOS children in Vietnam will be able to attend the courses and equip themselves with these vital IT skills for better chances in life. Please donate online or 
email / call Hotline 0989 73 77 33 if you are interested in this project.